Jean Sampson. Photo by Margo Hamilton.

Artist statement

I never paint, write or draw because I am "inspired". If I were to wait for the muse to whisper in my ear, I would never even start a piece. Inspiration begins when I put a stroke of paint on canvas, a mark or a word on paper. Then the conversation has begun.

I trust the energy, the life force, the personality of the piece to lead me into areas where paint, lines or words have a life of their own. Once I have engaged with a work, I will not quit working on it, no matter how far from "beautiful" or "meaningful" it seems to have strayed. I am an explorer hoping to find images, colors, words that have not been used quite as I use them. There are stages in all forms of my creative expression where, in my haste to finish, I could say, "Enough." Then the question arises, "I wonder what would happen if...?" and I am off to explore further to see if I can find all the treasures hidden in canvas or paper or any other material I might discover.