Beginning Drawing for Chickens

This is a class for non-artists who are scared to take a drawing class or who have been intimidated by a class that went too fast. Given gentle support and instruction by a teacher who also had to learn to draw, anyone can discover his or her “inner artist”. I promise not to hover over you as you draw so you will experience very little “performance anxiety” while doing the exercises.

Limited to 8 students. All supplies are provided!

8 weeks, Tuesday evenings,  6:15- 8:15.

Spring class: April 2nd - May 21st / Summer Class: June 18th - August 6th

LOCATION: Jean’s MAC Studio, 26 B

PAYMENT INFORMATION:  $225, Make checks out to McGuffey Art Center, bring to

first class.


Contact me for information.

 Oil Painting

Jean's Gutsy Oil Painting

This is a class about process, about not giving up when a painting is going through an “ugly” stage. After an introduction to color and abstract art, I will help you individually explore color mixing and the other elements of the language of painting. You are encouraged to use a painting knife, but brushes are fine, too. You learn by doing in this intuitive, non-academic and addictive class. Let me handle that inner critic that has held you back.

Supplies are NOT included.

8 weeks, Monday evenings 6:00-8:30.

Spring class: March 25 - May 13th / Summer Class: June 17th - August 5th

LOCATION: Starnes Classroom #17, first floor

PAYMENT INFORMATION: $225  Make checks out to McGuffey Art Center and bring

to first class.

Contact me for information.

Art Journal

Journaling your Inner Journey

No drawing skills are required! What is required is curiosity about your inner experience and dreams, and willingness to  explore a  new way of expressing the interplay of words and images. This workshop helps you find a creative way to record your life and express your most creative self. Incorporating poetry, prose, drawing, collage, we explore our dreams, inspirations, and significant stories. By the end of the class, you will have a beautiful book that will record your authentic self and artistic intuition.

Supplies are included. Scheduled once a year.


Contact me to be put on the waiting list.

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